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Adversarial Autocracies & Friend-Shoring

  BLUF Democracy index scores are a useful tool for gauging geopolitical risk associated with doing business in specific countries. Engagement in friend-shoring democracies rather than adversarial autocracies can reduce geopolitical risk. Why does this matter? As energy companies grapple with new geopolitical risks, mitigation strategies can be challenging. Leveraging…

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What Supports Seaborne Energy Trade?

  BLUF Stable seaborne energy trade would be at risk without the laws and frameworks established by the rules-based international order. The largest energy importers and exporters from 2022 were vital to stability and prosperity (see map). Their global reach reinforces the need to maintain stable sea lanes. Why does…

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How Democratic are Friend-Shoring Countries?

  BLUF Friend-shoring countries identified in the National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) are 97% democratic and represent 48% of world democracies, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) 2023 Democracy Index. The friend-shoring list did not include any authoritarian regimes. Why does this matter? Friend-shoring reduces geopolitical risk for energy…

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