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Vulnerabilities and risks outlined in the National Defense Industrial Strategy are manifestations of geopolitical risk facing energy companies today.
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NDIS – National Defense Industrial Strategy

  BLUF The importance of the NDIS lies as much in its existence and articulation as it does the content and priorities outlined. By acknowledging the multidimensional problems and envisioning solution sets, the US government transparently signaled to industry, allies, and partners the essential nature of their collaboration. Why does this matter? While the NDIS […]

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Post-World War II international organizations and agreements are the foundation of today’s globalized economy. Established norms underpin expectations for international engagement among countries and businesses. Below is a sample of some components.
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What is the Rules-Based International Order?

BLUF Post-World War II organizations and agreements among countries are the foundation of today’s globalized economy. Though the specific wording is sometimes debatable, the concept is difficult to dispute. This primer post will cover the topic at a high level only and not dive into the numerous nuances. Additional reading for deeper understanding is listed […]

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The World Bank uses six governance indicators to highlight key differences between authoritarian and democratic governments. Lower scores likely indicate higher risk for businesses.
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Authoritarian vs Democratic Governments

  BLUF Current global geopolitics features authoritarian rulers with more power than ever before. Authoritarian rulers do not ascribe to the same set of “rules” that democratic leaders do, making them dangerous to those who expect certain standards of behavior. Why does this matter? Authoritarian rulers possess the ability to disrupt energy company operations, affecting […]

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Arctic Region
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US Arctic Region Policy 101

  BLUF Despite decades of Arctic region oil and gas development, current US policy about the Arctic region does not prioritize new energy exploration and development. National security and the environment are the high-level priorities. Climate change is wrapped tightly into the national security concerns. Why does this matter? Interests of energy companies for oil […]

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instruments of national power
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Instruments of National Power 101

  BLUF While implementing the National Security Strategy, the government leverages instruments of national power to pursue objectives and engage throughout the world. Why does this matter? Whether or not energy companies realize it, they play an integral role in the US government’s ability to pursue the national vision outlined in the National Security Strategy […]

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